Heartland Crush LLC is located in Marengo, Iowa. A locally producer-owned and operated soybean crushing facility began crushing Non-GMO soybeans August 1, 2017. Heartland has the capacity to crush 1.5 million bushel of Non-GMO soybeans annually using a Chemical Free Extrusion process. Heartland’s HC Extruded-Pressed soybean meal and crude oil are energy dense, highly digestible ingredients for high performance rations necessary for the “Natural Products” Meat, Dairy and Egg Industries. Heartland guarantees 99.5 % Non-GMO purity. Member growers also limit their use of glyphosate when raising their crops, providing processors and growers with a nutrient dense, healthy, clean labeled ingredient. Heartland’s goal is to be a supplier of Non-GMO soybeans, meal and oil and expand their processing capabilities into organic soy and other products. "In May of 2018 Heartland Crush became 100% Organic Certified". They are on the Iowa Interstate Rail line, just off Interstate 80  and have access to barge facilities.