The soybeans processed are nutrient dense non-gmo of the

highest purity locally grown here in Iowa. We mechanically

process the soybeans, no hexane or other chemicals are used.

The process we use ruptures the cell walls and exposes all

the vitamins and nutrients while keeping the integrity of the

grains intact. When HC Extruded-Pressed meal is introduced into

HC Extruded-PRESSED NON-GMO & 100% Organic Soybean Meal

market sooner than ever before, and use 20% less than conventional

feed rations animals will be healthier, produce more and get to

meal making HC Extruded-Pressed meal very cost effective.

Heartland Crush has the ability to make Animal Specific Soybean Meal,  whether it be for Hog, Dairy, Goat, Poultry or Fish Producers, including    Hi-Bypass, whatever your needs are HC has you covered.

       What to Expect by Feeding Heartland Crush Non-Gmo or 100% Organic HC Extruded-Pressed Meal

Expectations for nearly all livestock species:

  • Palatability is desirable for every species --- the products are tasty.--- This may increase intake. 

  • Nutrient density is improved in most diets. Some animals may reduce intake but have improved performance

  • Storage stability is excellent.

  • Vitamins and lipids usually not provided by other diets are extremely high in Extruded Soy.

  • Expect highly improved health, reduced sickness, and lowered death rates, as well as longevity of life and production.

  • Feed flows much better from bulk bins.

  • All Extruded soy products contain oil so there is no dust during handling or in production facilities.

  • This oil can reduce or eliminate the need to add fats.

  • High in CLA's  and phyto-nutrients which promote lipogenises, this effect will promote blood flow and blood lipid emulsion, improving muscle fat, and lowering the external fat deposits. 

  • Expect tastier meat and higher valued carcasses at market.

  • Hair, skin, & mucus membranes of the animals will greatly magnify a visual revelation of health within the first week.

  • Cellular and intra-cellular health is improved, this will aid in the success of vaccines as well as reduce the need for vaccines.

  • Vitamin E is the most potent antioxidant known, the high concentrations in extruded soy can reduce the need for many drugs.

  • Extremely high levels of Phospholipid Choline and Phospholipid Inositol improves DNA nutrition and quality.

  Dairy Herd Expectations  

  • Milk production will usually improve immediately, depending on inclusion rate and or other variables.

  • Reproduction is improved.

  • Cull rates will be improved, many females will stay in the herd up to twice as many

       lactations. (Good herd managers can improve culling skills and soon have the

       highest production herds)

  • Newborns will have improved blood energy, eliminating most newborn

       deaths, and reducing scours.

  • Females fed extruded soy (with genistein & vitamin E) throughout their growing period

       will mature quicker, out producing previous replacements

  • Somatic cell counts are improved by the high antioxidant levels of natural vitamin E.

  • Liver Abscesses are eliminated, and higher prices for improved carcass quality is achieved.

  • Improved body scores, will also improve the cull weight.                                                                                                                                                                                                

  Swine Herd Expectations  

  • Improved reproduction and conception rates in sows.

  • Reduced cull rates and improved cull weights of sows.

  • More live piglets.

  • Improved blood energy improves survival to weaning and improves weaning weights.

  • Sows will have increased lactation and improved milk quality.

  • Number of litters per sow is increased.

  • Growing and finishing pigs will eat less and gain more on less feed. Daily

       gain may be the same but slightly improved.

  • No dust in hog barns will improve respiratory health of hogs and staff.

  • No other fat needs to be added other than that supplied by extruded soy. 

  • High omega 3 levels will prevent any soft pork usually associated with other unsaturated fats.

  • Pork from hogs, fed high levels of extruded soy, will have tender, juicy meat cuts. (not the dry tough cuts associated with other diets.)

  • Death rates, and health issues will be half of what they were prior to diet change.

  • Vaccines will work better when used on swine being fed extruded soy.

  • All health issues associated to vitamin E deficiency will be reduced or completely eliminated from all future mention.

  Beef Herd Expectations   

  • Feeding Extruded soy to cows 50 days prior to calving will reduce scours, increase blood energy and electrolytes in newborns and reduce mortality. 

  • Feeding Extruded soy to cows 50 days prior to calving will improve colostrum

       quality and quantity.

  • Improved Reproduction (over time the calving period  is completed within

       one month).

  • Reduced cull rates, improves herd longevity.

  • Feedlot cattle will eat less feed and gain more at the same time.

  • Reduced yellow fat in cull cows at slaughter.

  • Lipogenises causes improved grade yield and tender marbled meat (carcass premiums are improved).

  • Reduced sickness and death when fed to stressed cattle.

  Sheep & Goat Herd Expectations  

  • Reduces or Eliminates white muscle disease in newborns.

  • Improves Reproduction.

  • Improves herd longevity, and reduces cull rates.

  • Improves milk yield.

  Poultry Herd Expectations  

  • Greatly improves meat stability.

  • Improves meat and egg production.

  • Reduces incidence of multiple diseases and reduces mortality rate.

  • Improves feed efficiency and rate of gain.

  Feed Lot Cattle Expectations  

  • Helps reduce bloating issues.

  • Improves Feed Efficiency, Improves Ration Palability, Less wind loss of Ration.

  • Lipogenises causes improved grade yield and tender marbled meat                                                  (carcass premiums are improved). Higher Grade and Yield.

  • Cattle will eat less feed and gain more at the same time, bringing them to market sooner.

  • Better immune function, more active gut, be all round healthier animals, calmer, less stress related issues.