What It Is:

This is Soybean Oil that is Extruded~Pressed (CHEMICAL FREE) from whole

NON-GMO or 100% Organic soybeans. It is one of the most sought after soybean oils in

the world. It contains the good unsaturated fats, with omega-3 essential fatty acids and

Tocopherols (The Vitamin E Family). These omega-3 essential fatty acids, or EFAs, balance

out the omega-6 EFAs your animals get from other food sources. Too much omega-6 can

lead to inflammation, so a healthy balance is important. Vitamin E’s are antioxidants that bolster your

animals immune system (not to mention how shiny their coat will be) and this oil is NON-GMO, CHEMICAL FREE & GLYPHOSATE FREE.

Supplemental Forms

There is no other way to give your animals these kinds of benefits in a healthy all natural

way. Consumer-grade oil that you see in box stores, farm and home stores and vet clinics

are fine to use, but unless these products are specifically marked NON-GMO Extruded~Pressed or 100% Organic they probably came from a solvent soy plant (THEY USE HEXANE OR OTHER CHEMICALS TO EXTRACT THE OIL). Synthetic nutrients and vitamins would have to be added. Why would you want to spend your money on that when you can get it a much better, healthier and natural way. Vitamin E’s also act as a stabilizer to help the omega-3 EFAs.

HC  Extruder~Pressed NON-GMO & 100 % Organic soybean oil is made from nutrient dense

soybeans locally grown in Iowa with a purity of 99.5% or greater. Member growers do not use glyphosate

raising their crops, providing processors and growers with a nutrient dense, healthy, clean labeled ingredient.

This is not CHEMICAL PROCESSED OIL that you're currently using or used to seeing. This is pure,

unmolested non-gmo & 100% organic soybean oil the nature intended it to be.